Friday, June 25, 2004

Chocolate Pickle Icecream

So I got bored and created this thing outta 4 different songs, and I thought I would post it on here. The song it belongs to is the color.

Maroon - "Ladies" Sarai

Navy - "As If" Blaque

Teal - "Walk On By" Kelly Clarkson

Green - "There You Were" Jessica Simpson w/ Marc Anthony

ladies, fellas

Let me explain this to you

just break it down

Don't shake your head from side to side

if you see me walking down the street and I start to cry

See I'm not gonna let you run me

Saying that you've changed and now you're on my side

make believe that you don't see the tears

I was counting down the minutes

I'm gonna run you

Cause you know you just want some lucky charm

I was wishin' on the stars

in private cuz each time I see you

I was prayin' for a sign

I break down and cry

And it's that game that you play

tryin' to beat the odds

I just can't get over losing you and so if I seem broken and blue

Standin' in the middle of nowhere,

Where I watched my whole world fall apart

foolish pride is all that I can feel so let me hide

I'm moving on

boy walk on by

You broke through the storm

Must have broken into heaven

There you were

the tears and the sadness you gave me when you said goodbye

Burnin' the midnight sky

and the reason why

we're gonna do it is...

I'm gonna run you