Friday, April 9, 2004

Prince Charming (a song by ME!!!)

Prince charming where are you now
Right when I need you, you are nowhere to be found
I need you to hold me
Need you to show me
Can't be his only
Everytime your not here

Verse 1
Can you complete me
Hold me in your arms
Away with the key
Right where I belong
Maybe we won't be gone for long
I might just be dreaming
Never ending story
Going on in my mind


Verse 2
Fearless you are
And going so far
I know your out there
Ready to rescue me
You are Prince Charming
That is what matters
All that I am
Loves you forever
Endless fairytale of romance

The best is yet to come
Hurry lets run away
Every night and day
Every beat of the heart
Never going to start
Doing my best to wait for you


Prince Charming where are you?