Wednesday, April 7, 2004

a Poem I relate to

If when I pass
You take a glance
Because I'm perfect as can be
Please wait a sec
And take a look
And see the real me.

I've got the sense of style
The brains, the freinds
And no split ends.
My smiles strech for an eternity
I guess that makes me perfect.
Yeah, I'm perfect as can be.

If you think I'm perfect
Take a trip inside my mind
And on that trip please tell me
Exactly what you find.

Did you see my parents?
With whom I always fight?
DId you meet my brother?
Who hits with all his might?

Do you see the boyfriend?
The one I never had?
And did you meet the voices
That liveinside my head?

Did you follow me to work?
Or to school for a whole day?
Did you meet the "Populars"
And hear the things they say?

So next time you think I'm perfect
With my big grand house and pickett fence
Please remember that special trip
And the places that you went.

Because perfection isn't makeup
New clothes or name brand shoes
Perfection isn't friendships
Or your name heard on the news.

Perfection IS what's inside
In you mind and in your soul
Perfection is that kind of thing
That only you can know.

So when you think I'm perfect
Just as perfect as can be
Please wait a sec
And take a look
And see the REAL me.