Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Oh my goodness, my column was a feature this week. The picture was blown up, and the article placed around it. That means that people will actually see my article for the first time....I mean really see it! It is the best...I will post it in a few.

Mom got hit by a bastard spawn of satin today. Well actually it was BHS's Superintendent. But he is still a was his fualt and he had the nerve to yell at her!

I went to a job fair this morning. Everyone thought I was a freshman in college and I had to say, "No, sorry I am a freshman in Highschool" It was fun though....I got a DVD from the National Guard.

Anywayz my article is behind the cut. Mind you there are prolli a few mistakes that the editor caught that I didn't. So this is the version I turned in to him.

Priscilla Beth Griffith: Our Little Hero

By: Jonneatha Boggs

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and ages. You don’t have to save a persons life to be a hero. You just to do something that makes a difference in someone’s life, or be looked up to. We have many heroes today. But I want to look at one very special young hero.

Priscilla Beth Griffith was born on January 31, 1994. She is the daughter of Dr. Rodney B. Griffith and Bonita Griffith, and has two little brothers Ty Hunter Griffith, and Rodney Brian Griffith II. Beth is a very special little girl; she was born with Congenital Scoliosis, which is a sideways curvature of the spine. Beth had her first surgery to correct this in the fall of 1995, when she was 18 months old and one year later in 1996 she had another surgery.

Beth is a very active little girl, currently enrolled in 4th grade at Jackson City School. She does a lot of traveling with her grandparents and parents, has taken violin lessons, enjoys playing chess, talking on the phone, playing on the computer, and spending time with her friends and family. She is also quite a softball player playing last summer for the Brats softball team and loving every minute of it. She also got to be a part of the All Star Softball team for the Breathitt Co. Warriors. Beth's parents appreciate Coach Jeff Noble, the team and the parents for making Beth a part of them.

On July 29, 2003 Beth had a halo attached to her head to work as traction to relieve pressure from her heart and lungs, it worked some but not good enough, and because of this she had to have another surgery which took place on February 26, 2004 at UK Hospital.

The spinal surgery went great, but her lung collapsed and her lymph node gland was nicked. She also had some drainage from this and had to have a chest tube.

She stayed two weeks in ICU and then went to a regular room. Three days after being put in a regular room she went back to surgery to try and close off the leakage, but this didn't work and she came out of surgery with two chest-tubes, one on each side. After this didn't work she went back into surgery a third time to have a shunt put in to help with the drainage (this is something that can be taken out once the drainage stops). She had both of her lungs collapse on her and some fluid to build up around them, but as of now her lungs are doing fine.

Over 220 people came to visit Beth in the hospital this brightened her days. The visitors ranged from family members, friends, and church members. John Bunn and Mark of the Wolverine Church, and Carl Macintosh of the Christian Church in Jackson helped Beth keep faith with God, throughout her time in the hospital. Beth and her mother got to come home from the hospital Friday April 9th after staying a total of 45 days, greeted by several “Welcome Home” signs that had been put up on store, restaurant, and business marquees.

Since Beth was 6 months old, she has gone to work with her parents at the dental office. When she started school she would always go there when she got out.

Beth is a member Hillbilly Clan #649 and is a Shriner's Girl. Beth still has to have another surgery in the fall. She has a good spirit about everything though, and she doesn't let the little things get her down. She sees good in everything, and worries more about other people instead of herself.

Beth would like to personally think everyone who called and checked on her, came by and saw her, sent get well cards or flowers, and for all the prayers too.

She is going to have a cookout at the City Park as soon as it gets warm, and everyone is invited. Keep watching the paper for the big party at the park.

Beth is a hero in my eyes and she is a survivor. She is close to our hearts and we love her to death. To me this is what a hero truly is. I wish her all the luck in the future.