Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Every hanson song

So I got really bored and decided to make this. All the words in bold are hanson songs new and old (hopefully I didn't leave any out). So yeah what are you waiting for read it!

Hey, the day has come like a boomerang and I am a lonely boy without Lucy. But don’t accuse me of my two tears that falls like rain making a river. But surely as the sun I will be thinking of you. I remember the stories that Madeline and I used to share, and more than anything now I wish that I was there. So I am looking through the yearbook at the pictures, and so many have her face. I cried and I can’t believe the misery that I face. We were lost without each other and it’s weird because now you’re my broken angel and the love you save for that special guy will be incredible. Now it’s Penny and Me and I am speechless when I see her smile. Sometimes I look at you and every word I say is deeper then the last. Did you know baby you’re fine. This time around all I can say is save me because I am dying to be alive. But I am ever lonely and I can’t stand to be a minute without you. But you never know that we will never be lonely again. So it’s back to the island and just for something new. I am a soldier but still I will come to you. But baby we go hand in hand and its like I have poison ivy and I itching to be with you in your dreams. I can’t stop thinking about you dancing in the wind and I am sure about it. You are my get up and go, you are so crazy beautiful that now I have a song to sing and it would make it in the city. So baby shake your tail feather and show me where’s the love because if only I wasn’t a man from Milwaukee who happened to enjoy talking on my yellow walkie talkie, then you would sing a love song and baby there you go you runaway run and I am strong enough to break. So when your gone I will get my money (that’s all I want). So now in a Mmmbop second we’re gone.