Friday, May 2, 2003


I am making this a friends post so only my friends can see. And this is important for those who actually no me (shayna mostly) you have not seen know nothing aiight? If you can't honestly keep a secret. Then please please please do not read this.

So I always thought I was adopted ya know? Actually I used to dream I was. Mom and Dad swore up and down I was their biological daughter. But mom always was like you wouldn't leave me if you where adopted right? and stuff like that soo I didn't know.

Yesterday I was looking to find anything that could end my questions once and for all. Because neither of my parents was at home. So I found this Vanilla Envolope....and I look in it figuring it's just some shit on my grandfathers death. Let's just say it wasn't. It turns out I am adopted.....Fucking hell ya know?

It wouldn't have bothered me so bad....but my parents swore....they swore! It hurts....but I understand why my REAL mother put me up before I was born. She didn't have the funds, nor able to emotionaly handle another child.

I have 3 older siblings....she was trying to get custody of two of them.

I.....I have to go later.