Wednesday, April 2, 2003

This Time (a song)

This time
lyrics by: Jonneatha Boggs and Brittany Dunaway

In my heart I cry
To be free and fly
I hesitate to face
the pain inside

At night I cry
from all the things
you have done
And I wonder how
I will survive
This Time

This time you made it clear
This time I know
This time I wonder how
far to go
and I have to let you go
This time

Inside my mind I have
a demon that won't let go
Even though I want to be
with the person so long
I dreamt of
The person that you used to be

(repeat chorus)

Since then everything
inside me has changed
What I think, what I like,
what I feel this will help
me get over the pain that I feel

(repeat chorus)

I wonder sometimes
why I loved you this much
now I sit here alone
and wish for you touch
tears flowing done my cheeks
and I wonder what will come
this time.