Sunday, February 2, 2003

A sad day

It's scary to think I hated my papaw today I wish I could take everything back. I guess I should start from the beginning so here goes....

Mom woke me up this morning and asked if i felt okay enough to go see granny. She is in the Nursing Home 3 hours from here. She has been having heart problems and seeing things, they think that if she has a stroke that could be the end. So anyway I told her yeah and she left to feed papaw. She yelled at him like always about eating so much and she said he didn't need to do that.

Things quieted down for a couple minutes, and then papaw started what sounded like exadurated snoring..and mom yelled Are you alright? and he didn't answer. Then dad went in to see about him and like tryed to get him to responed but coundn't.

I walked in to see what was happening and he was starting to turn purple. I backed out of the room. Mom called 911 and took forever dad was freakin, mom was freakin, and was cryin.

They got a pulse back and i begged mom to let me go to chruch so she called and Evon let me in. So I stayed at curch and mom came in about the time the done prayer request and said that papaw had died.

I figured he would....but....i just hoped I mean I can't lose both grandparents. It all seems like a bad dream....and keep hoping maybe i will wake up and papaw will be in the recliner watchin tv...and yellin for dad to get him food.

The vistation will be tommorrow at 5:00pm and the fueral Tuesday at 1:00pm @ Watt's funeral home. Burrial will be thursday in Michigan.