Sunday, January 26, 2003


-I 'll be fine-
i'll be fine w/o u
i won't even cry
even though i know
"i love you" was a lie
so go on with ur life
and i'll go on with mine
getting pass the knowledge
all u did was lie
i'm willing to be friends
but it will take time untill than....good-bye!
i should have thought faster
i didnt have a clue
i was irrational and what not
but i should have came to you
the sad thing is, you came back
trying to bring me home
ur eyes were filled with so many tears i feel so alone
why couldn't i look past the void
that kept us far apart
i couldn't find a way to forgive you
because u had broken my heart
and now it's all so different
we both changed a lot
u moved on and found a girl
it's like you just forgot
while im slowly punishing myself
for not figuring out why
and im completely lost and so confused
because i CANT say good bye

~*You said you knew I loved you
And I thought it was true!
But come to find out,
I never loved you
I know love don't last forever
But I still wanted to try
All the pain and tears I still had left to cry
My best friend said it wouldn't last
But I thought she was just mad at me
Then I got real mad at her
And said just wait and see
I guess she was right in the first place
That I should have kept my distance from you
But if she saw you like I did she would love you too!
My head said you should try it
But my heart said, yet again
That I should have listened to the voice of my best friend!!!
Well know my heart'z in pieces becuz of one thing: the male race!!!

~*I'm giving up on loving*~
you I cant take the pain you've put me through
Deep down I know the feelings are always there
Maybe someday you will care
At least for now I can hide my pain
I know if I dont, I'll go insane
Our time apart has made me realize
There is no second chance when it comes to guys
I almost had you back one time
But of course, you changed your mind
The many excuses that you have told
Are getting lame and really old
We never talk anymore
Its like a room to ur life and u've slammed the door
It hurts to know you've shut me out
Now i know wut love is all about
You're happy then u cry and cry
Where there was truth becomes all lies
All in all it never ends for good
But then again, who thought it would?

-Die for love-
I sit in the park where I dwell
For this boy I love so well
He took my heart away from me
Now he wants to set me free
I see a girl on his lap
He says things to her he never said to me
I ran home to cry on my bed
Not a word to mother was said
Father came home late that night
He looked at me from left to right
He saw me hanging from a rope
He took his knife to cut me down
And on my dress a note was found:
Dig my grave Dig it deep
Dig my grave From head to feet
And on the top place a dove
And remember this, I died for love….