Sunday, January 19, 2003

Hang me by my neck, let me die.
I don't care anymore, I HATE you.
You never cared for me, yet you always say I am the child of you dreams.
You Scream at me for no reason, take your anger out on me.

I have no life because of you.
I search for an excape.
I will kill myself, maybe I can end it all.
Would you cry?

Maybe if I runaway, far from you, somewhere you can never find me.
I will be able to live happy ever after.
People ask 'What's wrong?' I tell them I am fine, when all I want to is die.

I hate this life, why can't you understand?
Why can't you let me go?
Let me live a life of my own.
I am a person, I have feelings.
But all you see is your own.

I, I, I.
That's the only word you know.
You threatin dad, telling him you will leave.
Fucking leave already!
Make my day, maybe we can live without you.

I'm still young, but you make me old.
You don't understand me.
You are so cold.
I hide in my own world, blocking everyone else out.
You yell at me for that, but I don't hear you.

I told you I hated you,
You said I hurt you.
That okay, because I hate you.
You said you don't mean that.
Now you see I do.

Opps, I jumped off a cliff, taking my life.
Sorry mom, I hoped I die.
I did, now I am happy.
Everything is okay now.
No one tells me what to do.
I can't feel any pain.
Everything is okay.
Because I am without you.
Without you...I smile to myself.
Everything is okay now.