Friday, June 16, 2017

Storm's Birth Story

I had taken Little Foot out to eat at Huddle House with Pumpkin to celebrate his 7th birthday because I had not gone into labor yet and decided to try and make it special for him. We had a pretty normal breakfast and off to Wal-Mart we went to let him spend his birthday money. He picked a couple toys and I was in the the process of paying when I felt it. This hot wet liquid and I was trying to be calm because I thought 'Man I just peed myself!' I told Xay to wait on he bench outside the women's bathroom and try to wrangle Pumpkin into the stall with me where she repeatedly tried to touch the nasty floor to look under the stall door. I finally realize that unlike my first two pregnancies I had went through my water had just broke in Wal-Mart of all places! I grab my phone trying to text my doula and the kids fathers to let them know that I was bringing the kids... but Pumpkin is still being crazy so I finally say, "Ziah you need to stop mommy's water just broke!" from two or three stalls down I hear in response, "Do you need me to call someone?" I told the woman no gathered my dignity because my pants were so wet and finally decided I had to go. I drove home and got my bags together and dropped my key off to J because he was watching Gotti for me. I got the both kids dropped off to where the each needed to go and by this time it had been about two hours since my water broke. It was pretty calm I wasn't having really any bad contractions so I felt like I had time.

I did too because I ended up driving myself the 20 minute drive to the hospital. I ended up having to get pitocin after a couple hours because she was going to take her sweet time in the storm that was happening outside. Now looking back I cannot even remember what time all this started. I guess I was in labor 9 hours but it wasn't bad until transition. Doing it natural three times and that part still feels like worst pain ever. But at 9:19pm on October 20, 2016 out came a 7lb 11.4oz 20in baby girl. She has a big name but we call her by one of her middle names which is Storm. Conceived in a snow, delivered during a thunderstorm. She came out perfect right down to the few Mongolian spots on her back.

The look on her face sums up her personality too. She has the most serious frown that was a fixed look on her face for the first few months of life. And she still has it but now it is softened with the biggest smiles!

From all the craziness and spiteful things that happened between her father about a week after she was born we were able to come to a fresh start. We both had significant others but we both had the best interest for Storm at heart and that meant co-parenting. I wouldn't be that mom that had to explain to her child why she didn't let her see her daddy when he wanted to be part of her life. I have no expectations of him because honestly I never expected him to be there with everything that had happened so I am thankful for what he does give our daughter because he could be doing a whole lot less.

After Storm I had my Paraguard IUD placed and was supposed to be good for 10 years or so I thought....but that a whole different story for a different day.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

routine life

Life as a single mom of three is an interesting thing. Life is chaotic yet routine. I can say that each day brings challenges and frustrations yet also moments of laughter and joy.

Leilani grows everyday I took her to the doctor the day before yesterday and she is now 10lbs 6oz and 22in long. It occurs to me that I have yet to post her birth story which is a wee bit entertaining consider where I went into labor but that is a story for another time.

Life this year has been a transformation. It has been a time for ends and beginnings. So lows but a lot of highs. As the year comes to an end I find myself reflecting over everything and looking forward to what the New Years holds.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thoughts of becoming a Single Mom of 3

So being pregnant was an adventure but it certainly did not prepare me for the transition of having three young kids. Storm decided to make her appearance to the world on her big brother's birthday (Oct 20th). I will post her birth story later on but she has come into the world as as full blown hurricane. Nursing Storm isn't like it was with Ziah things are going okay, she is like her big brother she does not take a binky, which means she doesn't soothe very well. I have yet to buy her a swing which I think will amazing because she will calm down if you lay her in the car seat and stand up and rock with it or sometimes by riding in the car.

Life has kind of just blurred together. Most days its feels like I am in survival mode just trying to make it through the day and then I will consider the next. I have been trying to get caught up on my late work I have for my class and I will admit this class is kicking my butt amazing well. I only have two more classes after this before I graduate with my Bachelor's in Information Technology with a specialization in Security. I am excited about being this close to the end of this chapter of school but with the new baby I have not even begun to process what is next.

I need to get a new job I know this because money is starting to run low but that brings us back to the next issue daycare at 4 weeks old is not something I feel comfortable with which means trying to find a nanny because frankly I don't really want to put her on formula and pumping makes me feel like a milk cow. I mean seriously has anyone watched a video or seen a cow being milked in person? They put these things just like we have to hook up to our boobs and get milked! It's greatly disturbing to me and I think someone out there should rise to the engineering of a breast pump that is more graceful then the ones we have today. Sorry end rant!

Pumpkin is in full blown terrible two mode it's crazy. Whoever thought it was okay to make kids video's include bad behavior like in "Bad Baby Niyah" is out their minds as well. I ended up having to delete the whole Kids Youtube app off the iPad because there was no way to block those videos from reaching my already to smart for her own good daughter. But the things she would say was not things she had picked up from her daddy or me so after watching what she was I knew where it was coming from. Everyday she asks to watch the show and I tell her no and suggest Daniel Tiger or Peppa Pig. Sometimes it works and sometimes she gets mad and folds her little arms and frowns so hard. I look at her and wonder where did my sweet little girl go? She learned so much good stuff from the app but the bad behavior is currently overshadowing that.

I cannot believe my son is now 7 and so grown. He is a big help whenever he choices to pay attention. I made the mistake of getting him his first pair of earphones for his tablet and now I know exactly how my parents felt when I had my earphones on. Keep in mind I remember having cassette players, cd players, cd mp3 players, and then the release of the first just mp3 players, and finally the iPods. Kind of crazy that all that happened during my childhood. It's hard to believe that in 6 more years he is going to be a teenager. I cannot believe that once upon a time he was the size of Storm. Time flies much to fast but he will always be my Little Foot.

Besides the craziness of being a Single Mom of three kids has given me. I would not trade any of these amazing little blessings for the world. But they sure are making the grey hairs appear in my head. I think I need to get it dyed haha!